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A real cop came and really arrested me and took me to the police

About him being a wannabe cop or g-man or something. That turned out to be a big mistake. images As I was looking around the room, I saw a picture of J. Edgar Hoover, first Director of the FBI, hanging on his wall. Luis gasps again and says, He really was a wannabe G-man! Yup. But you hadn't stolen anything, Luis says.

He brought the store manager in to be a witness, as sex pics he put it. Then he reached into my pocket and do you know porn pictures what? Oh, no, sex img search Luis says. Yup, that sex pics witch had slipped a phone into my pocket when I wasn't looking. They had me for shop lifting. A real cop came and really arrested me and took me to the police xxx station. They fingerprinted me and took a mug shot and everything.

Not in that skirt! Yes, in that skirt and without giving me time to fix my face! porn That's police brutality, Luis says. That's what I told them, and I told the judge, too. But, Luis, this isn't even the half of it. You mean there's more? Who do xxx you think they called as a witness at my trial? Brittany Carstairs, that's who. She got on the stand and lied her redheaded ass off. She told them I had a problem and was a klepto, and she had been trying to talk me into getting help.

She said that when she warned the detective she had told him that she was trying to talk me out of stealing a phone. It came down to this. Accept a plea deal and hot sex pics take a year of suspended jail time and six months probation or spend six months in jail. I told them that Brittany had slipped the phone into my pocket, but it was my word against hers.